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vacation lodging in Washington State near Stevens Pass pet friendly riverfront secluded cabin rental with hot tub

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Phone: 206-650-5390 Email: info@harmony-lodge.com

Harmony Lodge
Riverfront Vacation Cabin Rental Lodging
Near Stevens Pass in Washington State

Totally Secluded Pet Friendly Lodging

The Harmony Lodge Washington riverfront vacation lodging is a totally secluded cabin rental. This vacation rental is nestled in nature in a forested valley in 50 privately owned acres with 2,000 feet of magnificent Index creek that dances over rocks in waterfalls through the middle of the property and flows into the Skykomish river. Your dog is welcome at this pet friendly lodging. Bask in the hot tub at the edge of the deck over the river with a wonderful view. Harmony Lodge is a closest lodging to Stevens Pass ski resort.

snowy cabin sunny cabin
"The Harmony Lodge is a great example of a Washington cabin rental. Harmony Lodge is set in a wooded valley, and 50 acres of private land wrap you in privacy and isolation. There is an [2,000 foot] area of the Index creek that also belongs to the cabin, so you have this area for your own use. This is one of the more secluded rental cabins that Washington has, so you get the freedom and seclusion that people who come to enjoy Washington State travel will seek out." -Destination360

Come, renew yourself, and be close to nature. Stay at our fun, fully equipped and spacious riverfront cabin rental. We are ready for spontaneous reservations.

The Harmony Lodge Washington cabin has distinctive architecture, as a former hunting lodge and panoramic windows with a magnificent view of the Index Creek and forested mountains. For more information and lots of pictures, click Interior. interior

Come to this an amazing beautiful place - a locale where motion pictures are made. -- When was the last time you had the opportunity to be a in a forest that feels like Shangri-La? -- Harmony Lodge cabin rental is a unsurpassed amazing location for a romantic getaway, a honeymoon, a weekend getaway, a family vacation, a friends getaway, military leave, a birthday, an anniversary, ski lodging while on ski vacation, writers and individuals seeking peace and quiet and inspiration, a gift certificate to show your appreciation and love for persons in your life, a getaway lodging while fishing for salmon or steelhead or trout, and while kayaking, river rafting, or floating on an inner tube on the river. Please enjoy reading testimonials by clicking Testimonials.

baring From the large view deck and through the panoramic windows, you can see Mt. Baring at one side of the valley and Mt. Index at the other side.


"I sit here staring out the window on the creek below. The movement of the water over the rocks under the fallen trees allows my mind to wander to a far off place in almost a trance-like state. I slip outside to the brisk air and close my eyes allowing the powerful rush of sound to draw me. Taking a deep breath, I taste a small mist and smell fresh and newness. The place is special. It is a place where grudges aren't held, the pain of life are let go. It is a heaven and it is always giving, and moving on its course. And even though our time here has come and gone, this place has given of itself and will always remain in our hearts. This was an awesome place for our honeymoon. So glad we came." -Sandra and John
baring A large hot tub spa overlooks Mt. Index, the cascading Index creek that sparkles with waterfalls, and this old growth region of the lush Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest of the Cascade mountains. For more information about this wonderful property and lots of pictures, click Property.
Harmony Lodge is a dog pet friendly lodging with no neighbors. Your dog is welcome to join your private experience in nature. pet friendly
Stevens Pass You can ski, snowboard, and snowshoe at Stevens Pass ski area.
"This place is perfect, so much more than what I hoped for. It is obvious that you've given the place your heart and soul; it shows in all the little details. Thank you for giving what money can't buy. A little piece of heaven for all who pass through these doors." -Tina and Billy



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A vacation rental gift certificate is a wonderful gift idea. For additional information, please phone 206-650-5390.


Phone: 206-650-5390 Email: info@harmony-lodge.com

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